Mitch Levy


About Mitch

How many people can say they’re fortunate enough to have been able to turn their childhood dreams into a career? Mitch Levy can and is grateful for that opportunity every day. It didn’t take long for Mitch to realize he wasn’t going to be a professional athlete. So, being the next Howard Cosell seemed like the next best thing.

Mitch has spent the past 30 years making a living in the sports broadcasting industry and cultivating a reputation as one of the best interviewers in the country. He takes pride in establishing himself in a field that’s a longshot for success.

Not surprisingly, sports have played a role in Mitch’s life for as long as he can remember. Why else attempt to follow such a challenging career path? The youngest of the 3 boys, he grew up playing all the seasonal sports. During his high school years, he focused on basketball and tennis.

Born and raised in South Florida, Mitch Levy cut his teeth as a sports fan cheering on the region’s only professional team (in the 1970’s), the Miami Dolphins. Some of his most cherished memories center around sports – in particular, an annual father/son trip following Mitch’s alma mater Syracuse University in the Big East and NCAA basketball tournaments.

Mitch and his father traveled to every tournament game for a 25-year stretch from 1989 to 2013. Mitch’s most special sports moment was having his dad’s arm draped around him at the New Orleans Superdome in 2003 as Syracuse players cut down the nets in celebrating a National Championship.

One of Mitch’s favorite aspects of working in the local sports broadcasting industry has been the fans’ passion and a talk show host’s opportunity to feed that passion. Enthusiastic local sports fans are the reason the sports radio business continues to thrive today despite the multiple transitions into the digital age.

There’s also a significant responsibility that comes with hosting a radio talk show. What is silly entertainment to some is extremely important comfort to others. Listeners tune in to escape reality for a small period of time and that’s not something Mitch is quick to dismiss. In fact, Mitch Levy considers that the most important lesson he’s learned in his time as a talk show host. It’s not just reporting scores. It’s laughing. It’s story-telling. It’s building a camaraderie and the longer the show is on the air, the more the listeners come to feel like they know you and depend on you.