First things are first.  Before I embark upon my second set of silly picks for the blog, we must determine my record from last week’s divisional round.  Don’t need a degree from Montlake to calculate my “straight up” mark of 3-1. Winners included the Patriots, Eagles, and Vikings – while I didn’t have the courage to call a Jacksonville outright upset in Pittsburgh.

But how about my picks versus the Vegas spread (and my potential leap from the unemployment line to the penthouse at The Wynn)?  Cue the controversy.

Patriots minus 13.5.  Cha-ching.  Eagles plus 2.5.  Cha-ching.  Jaguars plus 7.  Cha-ching.

Then comes the zaniness of the Vikings vs Saints.  After Minnesota QB Case Keenum took a knee in lieu of attempting to add an extra point (or 2), the final score represented a 5-point margin of victory. Vegas closed the wagering on Sunday afternoon with the Vikings as the 5.5-point favorite.


However, at the time that I penned the blog’s picks last Thursday, the Vikings were listed as a 4.5-point favorite. So, does my somewhat faulty 27-13 selection of Minnesota go down as a win?  The only fair way to decide was to ask the Magic 8-Ball.  After a cannot predict now and a concentrate and ask again, up came an it is decidedly so.

Voila!  A perfectly silly 4-0 against the spread.  Quit now?  Hell no…

As my old friend Schmitty from Somerville, Mass would say: “Let’s get to the results.”



Jacksonville at New England (-8) 12:05pm PT

The Jaguars are the dictionary definition of playing with “house money”.  Every NFL fan in the universe that doesn’t pray to TB12 – including me – is rooting for the Jags and not one of us expects them to win.  And they won’t.  But… will they keep it close?  That defense could be gassed, and Blake Bortles will be playing from behind.  

Mitch’s silly prediction: Patriots 30 Jaguars 13



Minnesota (-3) at Philadelphia 3:40pm PT

Much has been and will be made of the intertwined quarterbacking careers of Case Keenum and Nick Foles.  The reality is that one is getting ready to sign a gigantic contract while the other likely returns to the sideline to hold a clipboard. Philly’s defense is really good.  Minnesota’s defense is better.  I’ve been convinced for a few months that the Vikings would be the 1st team to play a Super Bowl on their homefield.  While it took a miracle to keep that scenario alive, maybe it was just meant to be.

Mitch’s silly prediction: Vikings 23 Eagles 13


Be sure to check back after this weekend’s games for an updated NFL outlook and my predictions on who will take home the Super Bowl LII trophy!

Mitch Levy has been a sports fan his entire life, which led him to spend nearly 30 years in sports broadcasting. Read more of his sports blogs or check out his Twitter for recent sports coverage.