The benefits of youth sports are many: increased confidence, team building, physical fitness, leadership opportunities, and more! There are plenty of ways to get and keep your child interested in sports. If you are having a tough time or are searching for new ideas to implement in your family, try these helpful tips! The goal is to always remain positive, encouraging, and consistent in your approach.


Give Ample Emotional Support

Some children are intimidated when it comes to playing sports. Providing them with emotional support through high-pressure situations, practices, wins, and losses can keep them coming back for more. Remember always to make clear that performance is not the most important thing – what matters is that they work hard and give it their best. They need to know that you will be proud of them no matter what.

It’s Not All About Winning

Many kids don’t want to join a sports team or end up wanting to quit once because they feel too pressured to win. Focus on effort and growth. Applaud them when you see them work hard or go to a practice they didn’t initially want to attend.

Show Your Excitement

Tell your children that you can’t wait to go to their game this weekend! Children are ever-searching for the approval of their parents. Give that to them and more. Make an effort to show up to every game and cheer them on! Bonus points if you ask them to teach you about the sport or to practice with you.

Set Goals and Reflect on What They Love About the Sport

Ask your kids why they love baseball and remind them of their answer when they’re having a rough day. If they have a particular goal they want to meet, help them reach it and celebrate it! Whether the goal is simply to have fun playing during the game or it’s to become a professional athlete, setting goals is essential.

Make Sure They Are Involved in a Sport They Love

It’s great when your child shares a love for the same sport as you do but keep in mind that this isn’t always the case. It’s most important that your child is pursuing a sport they are passionate about.


With your support, your child is sure to benefit from becoming involved in youth sports. Good luck!


Mitch Levy has been a sports fan his entire life, which led him to spend nearly 30 years in sports broadcasting. Read more of his sports blogs or check out his Twitter for recent sports coverage.