Training camp is right around the corner – over the next few days, the pads are going on for the first time of the new season. While training camp may not be the most exciting time of the year, camp offers the opportunity for players to prove and push themselves. Camp is the perfect time to learn more about incoming rookies and returning injured stars, so here are the players that I believe merit extra attention.


Andrew Luck – Colts QB

Recently announced, Andrew Luck is “good to go” for training camp. The Colts general manager, Chris Ballard, announced last week that Luck will practice without limitations during camp. Ballard also announced that Luck would play in the preseason, if not the exhibition opener. The star quarterback may still be facing shoulder problems so his health, along with his quality of passing, should be watched closely.


Saquon Barkley – Giants RB

Rookie Saquon Barkley is definite must-watch during camp. The Giants are hoping their new running back, along with veteran Eli Manning, the return of Odell Beckham Jr., and a new coach can re-energize the team. Barkley was a first-round draft pick who just signed a four year, $31.2 million deal with the team.


Dez Bryant – Free Agent WR

Currently, Dez Bryant is a free agent, but he has indicated that he is waiting for camp before potentially signing with a new team. Although he turned down a deal from Ravens and recently commented that he wants to play for the 49ers, Bryant has a big name and is a very talented wide receiver. He has the potential to make a major offensive impact, but for what team is the question.


Teddy Bridgewater – Jets QB

Teddy Bridgewater’s last start was in January 2016, before he suffered a knee injury that cost him the majority of two seasons. Before his injury, he had accurate throws and great mobility. With a good camp and preseason, Bridgewater has the potential to be a starter with the Jets or have the opportunity to shine somewhere else.


Rashaad Penny – Seahawks RB

Ever since Marshawn Lynch left the Seahawks, the Seattle team have tried desperately to fill the hole. Penny is a must watch because camp will serve as his first opportunity to show why he was (or perhaps, wasn’t) worth taking in the first round. Penny has the chance to be a superstar and the new Lynch in Seattle.


There you have it – my five must-watch players during camp this season. What are your thoughts? Who do you think will make an impact this training season?


Mitch Levy has been a sports fan his entire life, which led him to spend nearly 30 years in sports broadcasting. Read more of his sports blogs or check out his Twitter for recent sports coverage.